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Prayers For The Season

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Prayers For The Season

Gracious Lord, the Nativity Fast is a time to remember the longing and desire of ancient Israel for the coming of the Messiah. Help me take time away from the many tasks of this season to discover that longing in my own heart and utilize it to direct my efforts towards achieving peace in my heart and soul that characterizes the birth-cave in Bethlehem. Prepare me appropriately to receive the Messiah, your living promise. Prepare me to receive the undeserved joy of celebrating your entry into the world. Prepare me to walk in ways that please you so that I will be ready when you come again in glory. Prepare me to join in the faith response of the shepherds who return to celebrate true Nativity joy. Prepare me to join the angelic choir that by my lifestyle I may always sing the praises of your divine Son.

Heavenly Father, each new day is a miracle, a gift from heaven itself. Help me use my time today wisely and guard me so that I do not fall into temptation. Open my eyes to see new areas of service to others in my home or place of work so that all I do may be for your glory and the good of others. Into your hands I commend myself, my body and my soul and all the things you have placed in my life, for you are a loving God who truly cares for me. May the humility of the coming Saviour inspire me to be an instrument of your peace in our troubled world.

My God, the road I must take lies before me, but I am fearful of what I may encounter on pilgrimage to the Bethlehem cave. I know where my destination leads in this eager encounter. I do not have the strength and courage to walk the way of my life so many times. I need you to stretch out your strong and steady hand to clasp my trembling hand as my parents did so many times when I was a child. I need to know that you will walk by my side to protect, support, and strengthen and affirm me. Help me to trust that you will not let go of me in the darkness and confusion ahead. Your words soothe and comfort my inner chaos, your tight reveals as mere shadow the monsters I see lurking in the dark. Your love will envelop me with security. I wish there were often more safer paths, secure paths, surrounded by heavenly neon lights, saintly music and angelic dancing. But for now I cannot travel that road; I know the path for me and I am now ready to walk it with you as you did with the Holy Family to Bethlehem and later into Egypt. Amen.

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