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Pirohi, the Slavic delectable delight are made monthly by volunteers in the parish.  Three fillings are available:  Potato-Cheese, Cabbage, Prune and Sweet Potato at $8.00 per dozen.


Pirohi with Cabbage Filling (Per Dozen)
Pirohi with Potato-Cheese Filling (Per Dozen)
Pirohi with Prune Filling (Per Dozen)

Pirohi with Sweet Potato Filling (Per Dozen)











Our Gourmet Rolls are made from only the highest quality, natural ingredients. You will never find any additives or preservatives in any of our rolls. They are perfect for the holidays and make great gifts. Kept refrigerated, each roll will stay fresh for two weeks and will freeze beautifully for up to three months. Delicious at a gathering or enjoyed alone, our rolls are sure to please! We guarantee it!   $18.00 per roll.


Nut Roll

Apricot Roll

Poppy-Seed Roll
Prune (Lekvar) Roll












Delectable filled breads.  Choices are potato-cheese or sautéed cabbage and onion.  Yummy!   $15.00 per roll.


Potato-Cheese Pagachi

Sautéed Cabbage and Onion Pagachi






Haluski is a Slovakian term for a Cabbage and Noodles dish.  This Slavic delectable delight of fried noodles and sweet cabbage is made monthly by volunteers in the parish.   $9.00 per container.

Haluski (Per Container)

Chicken Soup:


Warm your body and soul with our traditional Chicken Soup made monthly by volunteers just like your "mamma" used to make.   $9.00 per container.

Chicken Soup (Per Container)
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