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Kids Corner:  March 2014
Kids Corner:  June 2015
/ Weekly Message
Weekly Message: Weekly Message 01-24-10: Pharisee and Publican

12-25-11:  It Is All In The Details

12-11-11:  Twenty Sixth Sunday After Pentecost

12-04-11:  Twenty Fifth Sunday After Pentecost

11-20-11:  Twenty Third Sunday After Pentecost

11-21-10:  The Wise Virgins

11-19-10:  Do Not Lose Heart

11-17-10:  His Hands Make Whole

Entrance Into Jerusalem

Celebrating The Great Fast

10-03-10:  Nineteenth Sunday After Pentecost

09-19-10:  Seventeenth Sunday After Pentecost

08-15-10:  The Birthgiver Of God

08-08-10:  Transfiguration

08-01-10:  Conversion

07-25-10:  Ninth Sunday

07-11-10:  Seventh Sunday

07-04-10:  Sixth Sunday

06-27-10:  Fifth Sunday After Pentecost

06-13-10:  Third Sunday After Pentecost

06-06-10:  Second Sunday After Pentecost

05-30-10:  All Saints Sunday

05-16-10:  Jesus Ascends Into Heaven

05-16-10:  Our Commission

05-09-10:  Mother's Day # 2

05-09-10:  Mother's Day # 1

05-02-10:  Samaritan Woman

04-18-10:  Sunday Of The Myrrh-Bearers

04-11-10:  Sunday Of Saint Thomas

04-04-10:  Loving The Eucharist

04-02-10:  Great and Holy Friday

03-31-10:  Great and Holy Wednesday

03-21-10:  He Speaks From The Cross

03-21-10:  Fifth Sunday Of Great Fast

03-14-10:  Fourth Sunday Of The Great Fast

03-07-10:  Gift Of God

02-28-10:  Second Sunday Of Great Fast

02-14-10:  No Ordinary Courage

02-07-10:  Many Believed

02-07-10:  Meat Fare Sunday

01-31-10:  Prodigal Son

01-24-10:  Pharisee and Publican

01-17-10:  Sunday Of Zacchaeus

01-03-10:  Cracked Pots

12-20-09:  Sunday Of The Forefathers - "Life In Him"

12-06-09:  Twenty-Sixth Sunday After Pentecost - "And Joseph Ponders"

11-29-09:  Twenty-Fith Sunday After Pentecost - "The Holly Offspring"

11-22-09:  Twenty Fourth Sunday After Pentecost

10-25-09:  St. Demetrius The Martyr

10-04-09:  Protection Of The Birthgiver Of God

05-31-09:  Sunday Of The Father Of The First Concil

03-29-09:  Feast During The Great Fast

03-15-09:  Second Sunday Of The Great Fast

03-08-09:  Sunday Of Orthodoxy

3-09-08:  Cheesefare Sunday - "First Day Of The Great Fast"

03-02-08:  Meatfare Sunday

01-06-08:  Theophany/Baptism Of Christ -- Feast Of The Circumcision

12-23-07:  Sunday Of The Holy Fathers -- " Your Kingdom Come, My Kingdom Go?"

12-23-07:  Sunday Of The Holy Fathers -- " The Season Of Surprises"

12-16-07:  Sunday Of The Forefathers - "Gifts Of Love"

11-30-07:  18th Sunday After Pentecost -- Saint Pantelemon

11-18-07:  A Gift Of Love

11-18-07:  Entrance Of Birthgiver In Temple

10-07-07:  19th Sunday After Pentecost -- Protection of the Birthgiver of God

08-26-07:  Healing Sermon

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